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Overcoming Depression  

Depression was a constant battle, bringing on overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, even rage, and hopelessness. It crippled my mind, heart, spirit and soul and destroyed every part of me. I was living in despair, consumed with suicidal thoughts, but when Jesus touched me everything changed.  At my lowest point, Jesus came into the turmoil of my personal madness and set me free.
In this interview, Patty shares her story of how she found freedom from depression through Jesus Christ. 

The Power of Hope

With everything going on in the world today, many struggle to find hope. In this interview on Bridges, Patty shares her newest book, The Power of Hope, and how God alone offers us hope for depression and hope in hard times.     
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Bible Study Video 
Know That I AM God, Week 2
In Isaiah 43:10, God calls us His witnesses so we may know Him intimately, believe Him unconditionally, and understand His heart. 
This video teaching is taken from week 2 of the 10-week Bible Study, Know That I AM God. In this second week, we consider Ezekiel 11 as we examine the heart of the Father, and witness four characteristics of relationship with Him.

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Bible Study Video
A Journey of Transformation, Week 1
This video teaching accompanies Transformed by Desire Bible Study.  Week 1 sets the stage by acknowledging the Song of Songs as an inspired book of the Bible that has much to teach us about our relationship with Jesus.  Then we dive into the story by recognizing the desires of the beloved, and that she no longer wants the hurts and insecurities of her past to hold her back from embracing what her heart truly longs for—Him.  
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Transformed by Desire 
The journey of a lifetime begins with desire. Desire that will stir your heart and awaken your soul. God has implanted dreams and desires within you that only Christ can fill. He wants you to tap into those desires—to ask—seek—knock—to allow those desires to thrust your life into new levels of meaning and purpose
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Teaching Skit
Drop The Luggage 
Many of us hide behind the baggage of guilt, shame and disgrace, afraid to let people see the "real" us. Being set free from the baggage we carry is not about believing what others say about us, or even what we say about us. It's learning to trust and believe what God says about us in His word. It’s time to drop the luggage and discover freedom by clinging to the truth of God’s word.
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